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"If music be the food of love,

play on"

Remote Sessions

Recording sessions undertaken remotely, provide a quick turn around to a professional standard.

Remote sessions have included:

- Commercial releases

- Library music

- Advertisements & Jingles

- BVs

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Studio Sessions

Studio sessions are a great way to collaborate and record vocals at your desired studio, with the exact sound you want.

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Backing Vocals

Backing Vocal arrangements and blending with others in the BV section, as well as being able to call upon other experienced vocalists can be a great path to add texture to your project


From top lining, to complete melody and song arrangements, various levels of collaborations and creative assistance can be provided.

Genres include:

- Pop, RnB

- Soul, Jazz

- Gospel, Blues

- Dance, DnB, EDM

- Rock, Country, Folk


Recreations & Commercials

Having a vocalist sound as close as possible to an artist on an existing track is essential for a good recreation job.


Live Performances

Fronting several original projects and function bands over the years has helped contribute to creating energetic  powerful & memorable performances  for various outfits & events.

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