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Often a little extra help is needed in taking a song to the next level. Collaborating on writing, arrangements and lyrics comes very naturally to me, and helps bring the vision of a song to completion.

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Previous Work

- Benedict Lamdin & Nathaniel Pearn - Biblio The Que Music Library

Jazzy Hip Hop: The Golden Era of Beats

- The Qemists - Ninja Tune (DnB/Alternative)

- Body Heat Gang Band (Dance/Disco/Soul)

- Vodun New Heavy Sounds - Third Side Music (Rock/Alternative)

- Soundiva Italian Music Library (Pop)

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Writing Process

From top lining, to melody, lyrics & song arrangements (including Backing Vocals), various levels of collaborations and creative assistance can be provided in a writing/recording session.

If working remotely, guidance on direction can either be a phone call to discuss the desired sound, or songs/Artists sent over as references, or a loose guide vocal put down.

I tend to send back initial ideas early on to ensure I'm taking your vision down the right path.

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'All Love' Bibliotheque Music Library

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'Fading Halo, 'The Qemists', Ninja Tune

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'All The Way High', Body Heat

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Dance / Disco

'Oya', Vodun, New heavy Sounds / Third Side 

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'Breakaway', Gentlemen's Agreement

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