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Recreations & Commercials

Recreating a track or sample is often the easiest way to obtaining the rights to use a particular song, and having a vocalist that can closely match the original artist is essential.


Similarly with commercials, obtaining a very particular sound is the most important factor in meeting a clients brief.


I've worked with several producers to achieve some incredible sounding recreations. Listening intently to the particulars & nuances of an artists' voice in order to come as close to the original timbre and delivery as possible enables me to achieve similarity with great accuracy.

Previous Recreations include:

Danzel, 'Pump It Up', - Endor (No. 8 UK) by Sample Replays

Deborah, Cox 'Feel My Needs' - Weiss (No. 1 UK) by Sample Replays

SWV, 'Weak'- by Scorccio Sample Replays

CeCe Peniston, 'Finally' - by Scorccio Sample Replays

Brandy, 'Baby' - by Scorccio Sample Replays


Having worked with several sound design companies over the years, I know how important creating a sound & vibe that meets the clients expectations can be. It's all about creating a certain feeling that matches the idea and brand.

Previous Commercials include:

Herbal Essences (including end device)

Wella Shockwaves - Sonaraudio

Arm & Hammer - Sonaraudio

Slimfast - Strings and Tins

Danone - Evansson

Punto Radio jingle

Showtime Pictures jingle - Box Projects

Chan Power 7.jpg

Previous Shows

Ultimate Power club nights

RE:IMAGINED Beyonce @ XOYO 2019

Rogue Symphony Destiny's Child @ XOYO 2019

Body Heat Disco (Italy) Tempio Del Futuro & Alcatraz

Vodun @ Glastonbury 2019

Vodun @ Hellfest, France 2017

Vodun @ Desert Fest, UK & Belgium 2018

Vodun @ Afropunk, Alexandra Palace, UK 2017

Vodun @ The Great Escape, UK 2017

Do Me Bad Things @ Reading & Leeds 2006

Do Me Bad Things @ Wembley Arena (UK Arena Tour)

Memories of Boney M @ Belexpo, Minsk 2017

Ibibio Sound Machine @ Later with Jools Holland

Ibibio Sound Machine @ Glastonbury 2019

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