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Remote Recording

Remote recording is a great way to help keep recording costs down, while still achieving a great vocal performance. 

It also negates the need to travel, and the fear of maxing out on studio & session time.



Cost is largely dependent on budget, purpose and intention.

I am very flexible and happy to work with any budget.

When quoting, I also take into consideration:

- Type of project (demo, commercial release, library music, etc)

- Client

- Backing Vocals

- Length of song/project

- Creative input needed

- Several amendments


Vocals are recorded to your instrumental track completely dry. Stems are sent over in whatever format you need, and tracks are clearly labelled for you to easily drop in place.

My studio set up includes:

- Logic

- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen

- Sure SM7B Dynamic Mic

- Rode NT1A Condensor Mic

- "____" pre-amp

- Reflection filter

- Pop shield

- Reflection filter dome

Microphone Sound Editing
Chan Bodyheat 8.jpg

Previous Remote Recordings

- Biblio The Que Music Library

Jazzy Hip Hop: The Golden Era of Beats - 'Neptune Rocksteady'

Soundiva Music Library 

165 Original Songs Vol. 2. - 'Lust & Love'

- Body Heat Gang Band 

Body Heat disco - 'All The Way High'



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