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Backing Vocals

Whether it's creating an ambient background, stacking layers of harmonies, or providing additional texture to a Backing Vocals section, BVs can add that much needed feeling and dynamic to your project.

BV Sessions

If you already have the ideas for your BVs in place, I'm able to execute them to a high standard. Working together I can gain an understanding of the type of BVs you require, and make sure I'm delivering what you envisage.

Adding backing vocals can really enhance the mood and emotion of your project. I work with many genres, from rock to gospel, to create tasteful backing that will help lift the end product. I also provide several alternatives/options to choose from, to ensure we're creating something fitting, but also unique.

- Entire albums

- Single releases

- Music library projects

- Art installations 

BV Arrangement

Group Backing Vocals

An important part of working with other Backing Vocalists is to blend well, and I work very hard to achieve this with whoever I'm working with. From 2 part harmonies, to a full choir, the correct texture & blend is key.


I'm also lucky enough to have an arsenal of amazing singers I frequently work with, where our blend has developed over time, and who've become my natural 'go to guys' whenever I need to put a team together.

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